Success Stories

Client Success Stories

Success Story #1

“Amy came in for services related to domestic violence and stalking.  She and her now estranged husband had been married for well over 15 years and she had a great deal of her life dedicated to her marriage and family.  At the beginning of counseling client presented with severe depression and anxiety.  In addition, based on client’s self report and results of PTSD assessments, client also suffered with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Throughout the counseling process she explored past trauma and its reverberating effects, learned appropriate ways to cope with life stressors, grieve the loss of the marriage, and re-establish herself as strong and independent.  While going through the counseling process she also utilized a local support group for additional support that aided in providing her with the motivation needed to increase her overall self-worth.  After nearly 2 years of ongoing individual and group therapy, client reported and assessments of symptoms showed an overall decrease in symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD.  At termination of counseling client has reaffirmed herself and is looking forward to whatever her future has to offer, free from power and control”.


Success Story #2

Trisha began treatment about 6 months after the rape.  Trisha came in seeking help with her depression and anxiety.  She was young, single, and childless.  After graduating college she was excited to begin working in her profession and establishing herself as a full fledged adult.  She was excited about life as she had a host of friends and family, no student loan debt, and had just landed her first “grown up” job.  She met Bill one night while visiting her friends house and they seemed to hit it off instantly.  He was good looking, charming, seemingly respectful, and shared similar interest as Trisha.  After a long night of partying and drinking, and having what she thought was the time of her life, Trisha was ready to say goodnight.  She liked Bill and gave him her phone number.  She was staying the night at the same house as the party with her friend so she said goodnight to everyone and retreated to the guestroom.  She liked Bill and gave him her phone number.  Bill had other intentions and later sexually assaulted Trisha.  What Bill did not know was that Trisha was a virgin.  The single incident changed Trisha’s life forever.

Through intensive psychotherapy and treatment over the course of some time, Trisha was able to re-establish herself as a strong self confident woman who no longer saw herself as a victim, but a survivor.  Today Trisha offers support to victims of Sexual Abuse through volunteering and mentoring.  She is now in a new healthy relationship and she is looking forward to each new day.


*note: Client names have been changed to protect client confidentiality



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