Nikki’s Blog

June 18, 2015

Is my relationship in trouble?  This is a question that I hear quite often from clients, friends, family, etc… that wonder if whether they are in a troubled marriage or relationship.  Well the answer to that question is easy…Yes.  If you have ask yourself this question then clearly you know that something is not right.  So this leads me to the concept of the inner voice.  We all have one and this is something most of us have heard of correct?  In my mind, the inner voice is quiet but not silent.  If close enough attention is paid to our own needs, wants, desires, and request we can hear this voice more clearly.  This is a daily ongoing process that is sometimes triggered when we encountered situations or people.  So why do so many of us often times ignore it?  Ask yourself these questions.  Why do I ignore my inner voice?  Then ask yourself “What am I afraid of”?  The answers may lead you to discovering fear and how immobilizing it can be.  Perhaps the answers lead you to the truth.  Well I say, follow the clues and see where you end up.  More likely than not you will find that the answers are there and if you can be so brave enough as to confront the answers, you just might find healing.  Good luck! xoxo Nikki L.



October 30, 2014


We all have it and we carry it with us everyday. We wake up, get dressed and grab all of our baggage and take it with us. “Baggage” is anything from our past like being teased in grade school, being abused by a loved one, or negative labels like “fat” “ugly”. “Baggage” serves no positive purpose, but we carry it b/c we are too afraid to of the alternative…Letting it go. Throughout our lives situations, people, events, all leave an imprint in our minds, lives, and hearts.  Our perception of self becomes altered and labels that others give us become the way we see ourselves.  Before we know it we become consumed with worry, fear, anxiety, and stress.  I wonder if we just take the time to sort through our baggage, own what we want and toss the rest, could we have happier, more fulfilling lives?  Could we start to finally love ourselves for who we are and not who other people tell us we are?  What’s your baggage? Isn’t it time to finally confront it and move past it?



Legal Disclaimer: Please contact a healthcare provider for help with this process as this is not easy to accomplish on your own.  This blog information is intended solely for the purpose of expressing my personal thoughts and opinions.  The information above is not factual information, rather my interpretation of life events.  

If you have any medical or mental related emergencies.  Call 911 if in danger.  


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